Rental Terms

The provisions of this term of use agreement shall apply on all bicycle and electric bicycle rental. Before the use of a bicycle, the renter is requested to read the terms of use carefully and by signing this form, the renter agrees to all terms of use. Who is eligible to rent a bicycle from

1A. Electric bicycle – any person over the age of 14 who has the knowledge and the experience needed for the use of electric bicycles, and is physically qualified to perform standard, reasonable and safe use of the electric bicycle, and, has no medical or other limitation that could prevent the use of the bicycle.

1 B. Non- electric bicycle- any person who has knowledge and experience required to use the bicycle, and is physically qualified to perform standard, reasonable and safe use of the bicycle, and, has no medical or other limitation that could prevent the use of the bicycle.

2. The renter acknowledges that by providing false information regarding age, health status, and other information he bears full responsibility for any injury, disability, loss or damage resulting from it. Also, he will be subjected to the penalties prescribed by the law, in regards to the submission of false information. Bicycle User Manual

3. The bicycle is designed for personal use only. Any commercial use of the bicycle is strictly prohibited.

4. The renter acknowledges that only he is allowed to ride the bike and that it is forbidden to carry other people while riding the bike. The renter agrees not to add a bike seat or to make any changes to the bicycle in order to allow use by more than one person – unless compatible equipment is provided by

5. The renter acknowledges that he will not carry or tow heavy items which may affect the stability and safety of riding the bike. will provide a front basket that is designed to carry small items that won’t affect the stability of the bicycle.

6. The renter agrees to refrain from using the bicycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or any other health condition that may prevent normal, careful and safe use of the bicycle.

7. Wearing a helmet – According to the Traffic Ordinance it is obligatory to wear a helmet when cycling. This obligation does not apply to people over the age of 18, who use the bicycle on urban roads and not for sporting activities. The renter declares that he is responsible for respecting this obligation and agrees to bare the consequences of not respecting this obligation, by any legal means.

8. bicycles are for city use only and the renter agrees to refrain from using the bicycle on unpaved or dangerous roads as well as any circumstances that may endanger the rider, third parties and the bicycle.

9. encourages the renter to check the bicycle before use including breaks, lighting, handlebars, tires, pedals, etc. If the renter feels that the bicycle is unsatisfactory prior to leaving the store it is his responsibility to make this known to the staff and not to use the bicycle. The renter is responsible for adjusting the bicycle seat to suit himself. In case of a breakdown or malfunction during the rental period it is the responsibility of the renter to return the bicycle to the rental shop, Shabazi 2, Tel Aviv. In addition, the renter agrees to report immediately to 054-3130738, any bicycle malfunction, involvement in an accident related to the use of the bicycle, loss or theft of the bicycle and any unusual events related to the use of the bicycle.

10. Penalty for delay -if the bicycle is not returned at the end of the user’s defined rental period, without prior notice, will charge the renter a fee of 100 shekels for each hour exceeding the rental period.

11. Loss or theft of bicycles – requires that all bicycles are locked when not in use. The renter agrees to lock the bike when not in use. The renter acknowledges that in case of loss or theft of the bicycle, and/or parts of the bicycle the renter will have to pay the sum of 1200 NIS. Renter Responsibility

12. The renter is responsible for any damage to the bicycle during the rental period and agrees to indemnify for all damages, including bicycle repair, acquisition and installation of replacement parts or the purchase of a new bike in case of a total loss or theft.

13. The user declares that he is solely responsible for any any harm, injury, disability or death caused to himself or third parties resulting from the use of the bicycle by the renter. The renter agrees to indemnify for any damages caused as agreed above.

14. The renter agrees to take sole responsibility for any traffic violations or illegal action that occurs in relation to the renter’s use of the bicycle.

15. The renter accepts all risks involved in riding a bike, including but not exclusive to body injury, property damage, general or partial disability or death. The renter acknowledges that there are unforeseen risks related to bicycle riding and assumes the responsibility for all the aforementioned risks including risks caused by negligence of third parties. is not liable for any damages, injury or death arising from the bicycle rental and it use.

16. In case is required to pay damages, compensation or expenses arising from the aforementioned causes, including court costs and attorney fees, the renter agrees to indemnify to the full amount required. Jurisdiction

17. The renter agrees that all matters relating to the rental of electric bicycles, bicycles and equipment from are subject to Israeli law, and will be subject to the exclusive authority of the legal courts in Tel Aviv. General.

18. reserves the right to deviate from the terms of this agreement in specific cases. This shall not constitute as precedent or analogy to be applied in other cases. If the Company would not exercise the rights granted to it under this regulations and / or by law, in a particular case. By signing this document the renter indicates that he has read, understood and agreed to all terms, conditions and regulations. By signing this document the renter also agrees not to dispute this agreement or make any legal claim or complaint against does not bear any responsibility in case of loss or theft of a bicycle under any circumstances.


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